Most Americans Admit To Eating The Whole Bag Of Chips!

Have you ever heard of a ‘snackccdient?’ Well, you’ve probably had one (or five). In fact, according to a new OnePoll survey on behalf of Chomps and one other reveal was that, the average American has 416 of these “snackccidents” – aka snack-relatedoverindulgencesevery year.

Think about it: how many times have you downed an entire bag of chips or other snack...or maybe made an entire meal out of snacks.

  • Over half (57%) they had eaten an entire bag and 45% admitted to a ‘snack meal.’
  • ...and 28% of people had made their own homemade snack that became their go-to. Some of these were keto muffins, cucumber with goat cheese and microwave-made s’mores.

There are ‘snack attacks’ to consider – those are “sudden urges to snack.” Of course, the pandemic has really amped up the urge to snack and eat at off-times. In all? It’s not good news for snacking Americans as 56% of the people that responded said they have little or no snacking self-control.


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