Single Mom Gets $2,800 In Tips Thanks To Crosstown Tip-Off Challenge

Kimberly Filion is a waitress at Kirby’s Sports Grille in Juno Beach, Florida.

She went into work, expecting a normal night of waiting tables -- and finished her shift with $2,800 in tips.

The first tip she received was $1,300 on a bill of about $30. A note explained what was going on … A fan of the Xavier University basketball team -- which is in Cincinnati, Ohio -- was challenging rival fans of the University of Cincinnati to tip big. It’s a fun tradition these fans started in Ohio.

Yes. Kimberly was working in Florida. But, this fan was there, supporting Xavier -- and helping Kimberly.

Well, the night wasn’t over for Kimberly as another customer, who explained he “wanted to be king” of the big tip challenge, gave her a $1,500 tip on his bill.

Kimberly -- who happens to be a single mom with four kids -- ended up splitting the $2,800 with her co-workers and was open to the idea of a “Jupiter, Florida, tip challenge” that could keep going.

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