Study Says Walking Fast Can Help You Live Longer

We all enjoy a leisurely stroll sometimes, but new research identifies a potential danger in not having some pep in your step. According to astudypublished this month, fast-paced walking on a daily basis increases cancer survivors’ chances of living longer.

Researchers from several universities and the National Cancer Institute examined the walking paces and mobility of over 233-thousand former cancer patients between 50 and 71 for several years. They conclude, “Those who walked at the slowest pace had more than twofold increased risk of death from any cause, compared to those reporting the fastest walking pace.” The study is clear that walking slowly doesn’t cause death, but the link between slow walking and early death held across at least nine types of cancer, including breast, colon, prostate, oral and melanoma.

Lead study authorElizabeth A. Salernoexplains that having a better understanding of how the diagnosis and treatment of a range of cancers may affect walking pace and how it could lead to new treatment and rehabilitation plans to improve the health of these patients. Previous research has shown that how fast someone struts their stuff can have a major impact on their overall health and longevity.

  • One study from 2019 finds that brisk walkers who take about 100 steps a minute have a longer life expectancy than those who get 50 steps a minute.
  • Similarly, a 2018 study finds walking at a brisk pace is associated with a 24% lower risk of death, compared to walking at a slow pace.

Source:New York Post

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