91-Year-Old Police Officer Still On Patrol

91-year-old L.C. "Buckshot" Smith of Camden, Arkansas, is the oldest police officer in the state -- and he’s still on patrol.

L.C. drives around in an unmarked police car, but everyone in town knows his name.

After 46 years as a deputy, he retired -- but only for five months. L.C. explained that he didn't have any fun during those five months because he doesn’t hunt and he doesn’t fish.

So, he got his badge and gun from the department -- and got back to work.

L.C. moves a little slower than he did when he was a young deputy, but he still walks the beat of Camden four days a week.

He carries a firearm, but doesn't have to use it. As he explains, the “badge and gun don't make a you a police officer. You got to respect people.”

And as L.C. continues to roll and patrol, he also continues to earn the respect of everyone he interacts with on his police beat.

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