Biden Signs Stimulus A Day Early, Checks Could Hit This Weekend

The massive stimulus bill is in the books.President Bidensigned the measure in the Oval Office yesterday – a day earlier than planned. In doing so, Biden said the nearly two-trillion-dollar bill has enjoyed overwhelming support among the American people.

He called it “historic” and said it's about rebuilding the backbone of the U.S. Aside from the next round of stimulus checks for most Americans, the package also extends unemployment benefits. The measure passed the House and Senate with no Republican support – but there’s a reason for that –the number of projects unrelated to Covid that are in the bill.

Meanwhile, Americans may start seeing stimulus checks as soon as this weekend. That’s the word from Press SecretaryJen Psaki[[ SAH-kee ]]. She called it "the first wave" after President Biden signed the massive stimulus bill into law.

Source:White House

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