“Nature’s Cereal” Is The Breakfast Trend Taking Over TikTok

TikTokers may have found the new breakfast of champions with a recipe that’s actually healthy. The “nature’s cereal” trend has taken off, but there’s not actually any cereal involved. It’s actually made with berries and coconut water and after TikTok user @natures_food, whose real name isSherwayneMears, shared it in a video last month, it’s gone viral and evenLizzois now a big fan.

In hisvideothat has more than 4-million views, Mears explains his “nature’s cereal” recipe is made with coconut water poured over a mix of blueberries, strawberries, blackberries and pomegranate seeds, served in a bowl and eaten with a spoon. He says eating it sends his energy level through the roof and that it helps with digestion. Lizzo recently tried it for herself, only tweaking his recipe to add ice. She shared her first taste on aTikTok, concluding, “It’s good, y’all.”

The singer later shared anothervideoof her eating the cereal, updating fans between slurps to say, “I’m addicted, y’all.” Lizzo is so into it, she’s postingduetswith other TikTokers who share videos of themselves trying the fiber-filled, antioxidant-rich breakfast. There are some haters out there who call the dish an “unblended smoothie” in the comments, but overall, people are loving “nature’s cereal.”


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