Woman Finds True Love, With A Roller Coaster

Every relationship has ups and downs, but we're guessing this one has more than others.

A 43-year-old woman has a new boyfriend named Sky Scream, which is an odd name for a person -- but not for a roller coaster, which is exactly what Sky Scream is -- and she's deeply in love with him. Gaëlle Engel of France is sexually attracted to inanimate objects and she fell hard for the German thrill ride as soon as they met. She says, "You could say that I’m sexually drawn to roller coasters but since I met the Sky Scream roller coaster, I understood what love was. I spend every moment dreaming of a carnal and fusional relationship with it.”

Engel says she has had some relationships with real men in the past, but they all ruined her life. She says her new boyfriend makes her feel empowered and confident. Since Sky Scream can't come and physically live with her, she says she collects items and photos that represent him and their relationship.

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