How Your Sign Affects Your Sleeping Habits

Are you an early riser or a night owl who prefers to sleep late? The stars might have something to do with that. According to astrology experts, your zodiac sign could have a say in how well you sleep. Here’s what the stars are telling you about catching zzzs:

Aries: If you don’t get a good night's sleep, you have trouble functioning the next day. Unfortunately, you tend to save up all your anxiety and think about it right before bed. 

Taurus: You’re so active that sleep, usually 8-10 hours, is necessary for you to function. Sometimes you even need afternoon power naps to keep yourself charged for all your activities.

Gemini: You have a bad habit of scrolling on your phone before bed, and you’ll stay up well past your bedtime doing it. What’s worse, you’ll start stressing about not getting enough sleep and have an even harder time falling asleep!

Cancer: You are a night owl through and through. You’ll find it close to impossible to get to bed at a reasonable hour, but once you fall asleep, it’s almost impossible to get you up in the morning!

Leo: You are more likely to hibernate in the winter months, opting for lots of extra sleep and naps. But come spring and summer, you don’t need much sleep at all to get through the day.

Virgo: You are the sign most prone to insomnia, and it’s directly related to replaying every minute of the day and then stressing over small, inconsequential details.

Libra: People might call you lazy because you need at least 10 hours of sleep to get through the day, but it’s simply about finding your sleep/wake balance -- like everything with the sign of the scales.

Scorpio: You can function on minimal sleep during the week but once the weekend comes, you are sleeping in and that’s that!

Sagittarius: You tend to sleep in small spurts of rest and usually not throughout the night. Even when you are at rest, you are the lightest sleeper of the zodiac and will wake up at the drop of a hat.

Capricorn: You are an early riser, and that means you prefer your bedtime to be on the earlier side. Unfortunately, you don’t usually get a full night’s sleep because of anxiety or intense dreams.

Aquarius: Deep sleep is essential to this sign, but falling asleep is never easy for you. If you don’t get a good, restful night of sleep, you’ll be off your game and struggle with work the next day.

Pisces: You’re the dreamer of the zodiac and bedtime is your favorite time of day. Unfortunately, you enjoy your sleep and dreams so much that waking up is always a struggle. (Yahoo)

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