A Woman’s Safety Warning Goes Viral On TikTok

A woman is going viralon TikTokfor sharing a message about women’s safety.Shey Greysonwas walking her dog in a park in London when a man she didn’t know came up and asked if he could take a picture of her dog. It was daytime and there were lots of people around, so she didn’t see the harm and agreed. And then she realized what he was really up to.

“As he was doing it, I noticed that his hand was holding her collar,” Greyson explains. “That’s when I realized he was actually taking a picture of my address on the dog tag, not my dog.” She immediately asked him to delete the photos and he did, but then he started walking away really fast and she followed, asking him to also delete the pictures from his Recently Deleted folder. At this point, she says he got defensive, but she persisted.

“My gut told me to keep insisting, so I told him that I would not stop or leave until he showed it to me,” Greyson recalls. Eventually, he agreed to show her the album and just as she suspected, the three photos were still there and she got him to permanently delete them all. She says she decided to share the story for two reasons: First, to bring awareness to a potential tactic someone could use to get your address. And second, she explains, “I wanted people (mainly men) to realize just one of a thousand reasons why women feel unsafe.”


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