Son Raises Money For Family Trip By Selling Homemade Sandwiches

When Dustin Vitale of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, learned that his mom, Gloria, had bladder cancer, he set out on a mission to take her on a big trip -- the trip she always dreamed of -- to see the pyramids in Egypt.

Dustin also wanted to bring along 14 family members.

This was going to be a bit of a challenge because he’s a middle school teacher -- and couldn’t just write a check for such a big trip.

So, he started raising money by selling big cheesesteak sandwiches.

Word got around that these sandwiches were good -- and they were for a good cause.

Friends, family members and neighbors started showing up outside his house, ordering food. Then, the news spread on social media and people were lined up down the block.

In just six weeks, Dustin raised all the money he needed to fund the trip.

Dustin is thankful to everyone who supported his goal of getting Gloria to Egypt, as the trip is now planned for later this year.

And, as he describes it, he’s also excited to see his mom “mentally as healthy as she has ever been in her whole life.”

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