This is America's Most Popular Beer

With the average U.S. adult drinking around 19 gallons of beer each year, YouGov decided to ask Americans about their favorite brews and found that Guinness isn't just popular over St. Patrick's Day. 51% of those surveyed gave a positive opinion on the dark Irish stout, making Guinness' America's most popular brew. Dutch beer Heineken, brewed since 1873, came in second at 49%. It's more recognizable than Guinness however, at 93% to Guinness' 90%. Corona came in as America's third most popular beer, followed by Boston's Sam Adams. America's "King of Beers", Budweiser, came in fifth most-popular at 41%, but is the U.S.'s most recognizable beer at 96%. Men rated Guinness most-popular at 57%. More women surveyed liked Corona best, at 47%. See more here