This Is The One Word Most People Use To Describe Themselves

If someone asked you to describe yourself, what one word would you use? Well, that’s exactly what a new YouGov poll set out to discover about most Americans and the results may surprise you. 

  • The survey asked 2,243 U.S. adults to choose one word out of a list of 10 to describe themselves.
  • Only 2% of those polled couldn’t pick any of the words to describe themselves.
  • Overall, the most popular description chosen was “Friendly,” with 79% of respondents picking it to describe themselves.
  • Other words include:
    • Thoughtful (67%)
    • Careful (57%)
    • Rational/Logical (51%)
    • Private (43%)
    • Open (37%)
    • Emotional (32%)
    • Impulsive (19%)
    • Carefree (14%)
    • Unfriendly (5%)

Source:Best Life