People Disagree If Mother's Day Is A "Real Holiday"

Sunday is Mother’s Day, and while we know it’s important to celebrate mom, there are some who don’t really consider this a real holiday, and think it was something made up by Hallmark. But do most Americans feel that way?

Well, according to a new YouGov poll:

  • 60% of Americans do indeed consider Mother’s Day a “real” holiday.
  • That number increases to 63% when you ask moms.
  • But there are 30% of people who believe folks wouldn’t celebrate Mother’s Day if it weren’t for pressure from commercial entities.
  • That’s sentiment is also true for 29% of moms.
  • Not surprising, different generations have different opinions on Mother’s Day.
  • 71% of those 65 and above consider Mother’s Day a real special occasion.
  • But only 62% of 45 to 64-year-olds, and 53-54% of 18 to 44-year-olds say the same.
  • But just because some people don’t think Mother’s Day is a real special occasion, doesn’t mean they are going to forget about mom on Sunday.
  • In fact, 61% of those who believe it is a commercial holiday still plan to celebrate it with mom.


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