Experts Say Parents Lose 4,000 Hours To “Brain Fog”

We all know parenting can be exhausting, and for a lot of moms and dads it leaves them in such a daze that they just aren’t themselves most of the time. 

A new survey finds:

  • While raising their kids, the average American parent loses close to 4,000 hours to what they describe as “brain fog.”
  • That translates to about 219 hours for every year of parenting.
  • Parenting is so distracting that moms and dads lose focus while doing about three tasks a day, which turns into a loss of 38 minutes each day.
  • Parents are sometimes in such a daze that 40% say if it wasn’t for their kids activities they wouldn’t be able to keep track of what day of the week it was.
  • The poll finds most parents feel most energized at around 11 am, but that only lasts about three hours and they start to crash at around 2 pm.
  • Not surprising, many parents rely on caffeine and other drinks to help bring them out of their fog.
  • Half turn to coffee, while one in three go for an energy drink.
  • But even with those, 58% say they never fully feel energized.

Source:Study Finds

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