Parents Say Their Kids Picked Up Some Great Habits From Remote Learning

After more than a year of kids stuck learning from home, many parents are ready for their kids to be back in school. But that doesn’t necessarily mean remote learning is going to be a thing of the past. In fact, many parents think it’s here to stay and they aren’t exactly upset about it.

A new survey finds:

  • 72% of parents think remote learning will be around long after the pandemic has passed.
  • And while it may not have been easy, many parents feel there were a lot of benefits to it.
  • 70% of parents felt their kids focused better while learning virtually.
  • Plus, one in three kids actually got excited about remote learning.
  • In fact, many parents believe their kids developed many good habits due to remote learning.
  • Those habits include:
    • Focusing better (53%)
    • Asking more questions (46%)
    • Becoming a better multitasker (43%)
    • Becoming more independent (41%)
    • Improving their tech skills (40%)
    • Becoming more organized (40%)
    • Asking parents for help when needed (39%)
    • Making better use of their time (36%)
    • Pacing themselves (28%)
    • Teaching parents new tech skills (24%)
    • Helping other kids with schoolwork/studying (18%)
  • And when it comes to getting back to school, parents would like to see certain aspects of remote learning adopted into the traditional classroom.
  • Those things include
    • Letting kids learn at their own pace (43%)
    • Allow for smaller class sizes (43%)
    • Allow kids to learn in their own style with additional visual or audio resources (40%)

Source:SWNS Digital

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