Families Are Enjoying Family Meals Together Again!

While being stuck at home with the family for the past 18 months or so hasn’t been ideal, it wasn’t all bad. Case in point, a new survey suggests it has resulted in more families eating together, and for longer periods of time.

The poll finds:

  • The average household is spending 15 more minutes eating together now than they did pre-pandemic.
  • The average family meal has gone from 70 to 85 minutes.
  • What’s more, 57% of people say their family is now getting together for meals more often than they did before.
  • The average family is getting together about five times a week.
  • 58% say the family meal is their most relaxing time of the day.

And those family meals have resulted in a lot more bonding.

  • The most common activities families enjoy together while eating include:
    • Sharing family news (41%)
    • Watching movies together (37%)
    • Binge-watching the latest TV series (37%)
    • Catching up on everyone’s day (37%)

Source:SWNS Digital

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