Most Americans HATE This Chore The Most

There are a lot of chores that folks hate doing, and one that’s particularly annoying, and never really goes away, is doing dishes. And according to a new survey, some folks hate doing dishes so much, they are willing to make some extreme sacrifices to never have to do them again. 

The poll finds:

  • Americans spend an average of 25 minutes each day doing dishes, which is more than six days a year.
  • One in three people who hate doing dishes say it’s because there are too many dishes to wash.
  • 43% of Americans who live with other people say they argue over who washes the dishes.
  • Two in three say an argument ensues every week, with one in three saying they fight over the dishes every day.
  • Lots of Americans say they would sacrifice something or do something they don’t like in order to never have to wash the dishes again.
  • That includes 20% of Americans who’d give up sex for a whole year if it meant a lifetime of not washing dishes. 

Source:Business Insider

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