All The Golden Rules McDonald’s Customers And Employees Have To Follow

You may not know how extensive the rules are for McDonald’s customers and employees, but delish has put together a list that might surprise you. There are actually 33 of these rules that can be found starting HERE but here are 10 of the standouts that might be the most interesting.

  1. Burgers can only sit for 15 minutes – “regular” meet gets tossed after 15 minutes and “higher quality’ meats like crispy chicken or angus beef get 60 minutes. Chicken nuggets can only sit for 20 minutes before getting thrown out.
  2. Employees have the ability to customize meals.
  3. Ronald McDonald can only answer to “Ronald” and can’t eat while in costume.
  4. You as a customer can request specific Happy Meal toys and some locations allow the purchase of the toys.
  5. A “secret menu” doesn’t exist despite the rumors.
  6. Employees aren’t allowed to play the McDonald’s Monopoly game.
  7. Employees are expected to get drive-thru customers in and out in two minutes.
  8. Employees get free food and discounts after they have been employed for a month, but cannot give out free food to friends and relatives.
  9. There is a dress code and grooming policy for employees that has a three-piercing per ear limit, but there are accommodations for medical conditions and religious beliefs. Similarly, personal hygiene is mandatory meaning daily showers or baths, clean hair and nails, brushed teeth and adequate deodorant. Long nails and beards are also not allowed.
  10. Teens as young as 14 or 15 can work at McDonald’s but the 14-year-olds need to show a valid work permit.

While some of these rules may sound restrictive, it’s pretty obvious that running a tight ship at McDonald’s is a key to their success and longevity.


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