*LIST* The Most Stressed Out Cities In The U.S.

These days a lot of folks deal with anxiety, and after the past year and a half that’s totally understandable. But apparently it turns out folks in some cities are dealing with more stress and anxiety than others.

  • A new report reveals he most stressed out cities in the country.
  • It’s based on the Census Bureau’s recent Household Pulse Survey.
  • Seattle, Washington was named the most stressed out city, with 54.5% of the population feeling "nervous, anxious or on edge."
  • Houston was the second-most anxious city, with 50.5% of the population feeling stressed out.

The Top 10 Most Stressed Out Cities In Th U.S.

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  1. Seattle, WA
  2. Houston, TX
  3. Boston, MA
  4. Philadelphia, PA
  5. San Francisco, CA
  6. Washington, DC
  7. Chicago, IL
  8. Phoenix, AZ
  9. Los Angeles, CA
  10. Detroit, MI

Source:Fox News

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