More People Are Traveling Solo

While many people would never think of going on a vacation without family or friends, it seems more and more people are embracing the idea of solo travel.

A new survey by online travel agent Agoda finds that 61% of global travelers say the number one reason for solo travel is relaxation and time to unwind, a motivation for only 48% of people who are traveling with friends. Other top reasons to embrace solo travel include getting away from routine (52%) and exploring new cultures (45%).

Western solo travelers are most likely to be Baby Boomers (39%) and Gen Xers (24%), with solo travelers taking longer trips than those who travel with companions, with 34% travelers taking four to seven nights trips, and 20% taking trips that are 14 nights or more.

  • And while solo trips may sound lonely to some, technology is helping to alleviate some of that. Solo travelers actually spend more time in front of their laptops and phones, about 119 minutes a day, than those who travel with friends (100 minutes) and those who travel with family (86 minutes).
  • As for where all these solo travelers are going, London, England is the top destination for Western travelers, followed by Tokyo, Japan and Sydney, Australia.

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