Most Americans Want The Monday After The Super Bowl To Be A Holiday

We bet a lot of folks at the office are feeling tired or hung over today, thanks to that Super Bowl party yesterday, which is probably the reason most people think they shouldn't have to work today at all.

According to a new survey:

  • 44% of people think the Monday after the Super Bowl should be a national holiday.
  • 52% of people have requested Super Bowl Monday off.
  • 39% have called in sick on the Monday after the Super Bowl.
  • 57% expect they’ll have to power through the day, with 60% actually going into work.
  • The biggest reason they hate going in after the Super Bowl is they expect to be less productive. Other expectations of the day include:
    • Coming in late (41%)
    • Drinking more coffee throughout the day (38%)
    • Talking about the Super Bowl with colleagues (31%) 

But it turns out it’s not just Super Bowl Monday that people hate. In fact, the majority of Americans say Monday is their least favorite day of the week.

  • The average worker will arrive 15 minutes late for work on Mondays.
  • 63% say they’re more likely to be late on Monday than any other work day.
  • 32% are likely to leave the office early on a Monday.

Source:SWSN Digital

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