Dunkaroos Are Officially Making A Comeback

One of the most beloved snacks from the ‘90s is finally returning this summer. Get ready to relive your childhood because Dunkaroos are officially coming back and the Internet is freaking out. If you never had the pleasure, this snack is made of two tasty treats: cookies and icing to dunk them in.

They were introduced in the ‘90s and discontinued around 2012 and people really seemed to miss those little round cookies and the frosting to dip them in. They used to come in a bunch of different flavors, but the most popular one will be returning: Vanilla Cookies and Vanilla Frosting with Rainbow Sprinkles.

We know they’ll be back this summer, but it’s unclear whether that means May or August, so we’ll just have to stalk the snack aisles until we spot them.

Source:Food and Wine

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