Brach’s Conversation Hearts Will Have New Sayings This Year

In case you missed it, we haven’t had those classic, chalky conversation hearts that used to be made by Necco for the last couple Valentine’s Days. Now Spangler makes those Sweetheart candies, but because of technical difficulties, they’re not all going to have sayings printed on them.

The good news for fans of the iconic Valentine’s Day treats is that Brach’s has their own version and they’ll have an updated set of phrases.

This year, the candy company will make Heart 2 Heart Tiny Conversation Hearts featuring the messages you know and love, like “Be Mine” and “Luv U,” as well as modern ones, including “Bestie,” “Bae,” and “GOAT” (for Greatest of All Time.) They’re a little different than the Sweetheart hearts, but at least these have phrases on them.


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