Karens Are Having A Hard Time Dating In 2020

It certainly isn’t easy being named Karen these days. The name is often associated with privileged, entitled (and often racist) white women. And while every Karen isn’t really a “Karen,” it seems a lot of men aren’t willing to take any chances, especially when it comes to dating. 

A new report by the dating app Wingman finds users named Karen are having a tough time finding matches this year. Apparently Karens are getting a third fewer matches than in previous years, and they’re also getting fewer responses from those they’re interested in. Karens have also seen a 45% drop in activity while using the app.

And it’s not just Karens with a “K.” Those who spell their name differently, like Karin, Carin and Caren,” have also seen a decrease in activity, although the drop is only about 22%.

The Wingman app relies on friends to give written endorsements for those looking for love on the site, and interestingly, for a lot of Karens, the most common endorsement from others is “She’s not a real Karen.”

Source:The Mail

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