Retired Couple Donates 500k To Build Library

45 years ago, Milt and Trudy left their hometown city of New London, Wisconsin, to build their careers. And, they were very successful which is evidenced by the fact that they recently donated $500,000 to build a new library for the city.

Milt and Trudy actually returned to New London back in 2000 to ease into retirement. And along the way, they’ve been making regular contributions to the library. But this latest contribution – to the tune of half-a-million dollars – is a real game-changer for the community.

The library that Milt and Trudy are funding will be an “E-Library” that focuses on computers, Wi-Fi access – and even some space where visitors can learn hands-on skills, such as electricity, plumbing, welding and carpentry.

Both Milt and Trudy are avid readers and are excited to make it as easy as possible for everyone around them to have access to all the information they need to be successful.

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