The Average American Will Buy Gifts For Six People This Holiday Season

While a lot of us won’t be spending the holidays with family this year, that isn’t stopping most Americans from buying gifts, and most people have quite a few folks on their gift list. 

A new survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf ofOmaha Steaks , finds:

  • The average American will spend about $322.65 on gifts this year, buying items for six different people.
  • Millennials will spend the most, $331.45, while those in Gen Z will spend the least, only $219.75, but will also only be buying for around four people.
  • As for how folks will be exchanging gifts, 64% of people say they are rethinking the way they’ll do it this year.
    • 60% of people plan to do most of their shopping online and send gifts directly to the recipients.
    • 47% say they will still exchange gifts in person.
    • 40% are planning to do so at a socially distanced holiday party.
  • Gift cards are the top gift folks are planning to give this year (51%), which is a good thing, because it’s also the top gift folks hope to receive (52%).
  • Other top gifts folks are planning to give include:
    • Clothing (43%)
    • Fashion Accessories (36%)
    • Household Items (35%)
    • Food/drink (25%)
    • Smartphone accessories (25%)
    • Computer Accessories (25%)
    • Books (23%)
    • Exercise Equipment (16%)
  • And while those gifts may sound nice to some people, 17% of people admit they’ve disliked presents they got during the holiday season.
  • That number goes up to 26% for Gen X, while only 14% of Boomers say the same. 

Source:SWNS Digital

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