The Perfect Road Trip: How Long, And What Music

Road trips are hot right now, so Honda wants to find out what the perfect one would include. That’s why they did a survey in the UK, which could easily translate here, to find out. The ultimate journey includes a sea view and a 56 song sing-a-long. Not only that, but most also want a mountain view and countryside in the mix.

The perfect soundtrack would be a homemade playlist with pop, rock, and hip hop being the top genres to crank up. The ultimate trip would be just under three hours along a scenic route. Brits are also inspired, this year, to take road trips, with 69-percent doing so to see more of the country.

Some other takeaways include:

  • The optimal number of pit stops is three and include taking in a nice view, grabbing a bite to eat, and taking a walk
  • 56-percent require air conditioning
  • 49-percent say navigation systems are a must
  • Two thirds say the ideal companion would be their partner
  • 43-percent want someone else to drive

Source:SWNS Digital

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