Courteney Cox Does “Friends” Turkey Dance On IG, Reveals “Gross Truth”

In honor of Thanksgiving,Courteney Coxrecreated Monica’s iconic Turkey head dance from “Friends”... only this time, she used a real, raw bird. The video was a hit, getting likes from everyone from fans to her co-starLisa Kudrow…but now Cox has revealed the “gross truth” behind the making of the viral clip.

In a video posted to Instagram with the disclaimer, “Vegan Discretion Advised,” Cox is shown attempting the stunt over and over until she gets it right. She has plastic wrapped around her head, and needed to put a towel on top, too, since the heavy bird’s bones kept poking her in the wrong places.

The comments is full of laughs, including from her celeb pals. “Queer Eye’s”Tan Francewrites, “the dedication. COURT!! This is so damn funny!” Although there was also some concern,Garret Dillahuntwriting, “Do you need help? Text me. Blink three times rapidly. I will come for you.”Check out the video below.

Source:Courteney Cox

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