Mom’s Santa Letters Help Explain Xmas Delay For Parents Who Work

Most of us celebrate Christmas on December 25th, but some families with a member who has to work on that day need an alternative. That’s whyStephanie Davissonstarted creating her “100% certified Elf-approved” Santa letters offering options for celebrations to explain to kids that they’re not missing out on anything, just doing it a different day.

Davisson’s husband,Brett, is in the Army and sometimes has to work on Christmas Day, which is what inspired her to start the Santa letters for her two boys. When she shared them online, thousands of parents reached out to request personalized versions. So she started creating options for military members, first responders, pilots and airline workers and this year, she’s expanded to include “hospital heroes” who may be working on Christmas Day.

“This year, when I updated for 2020, ‘hospital heroes’ just felt like the perfect title, given the year we've had and the sacrifices made by medical staff across the country -- and world,” Davisson says. “It’s nice to know we’ve been able to bring a little cheer to families, especially this year when so much has kept us apart.”

  • Davisson shares all of her Santa letters for free and you can access them through herFacebook page.

Source:Good Morning America

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