Nigella Lawson Breaks The Internet By Saying “Microwave” Her Way

British chef and TV hostNigella Lawsonhas a new cooking show that’s getting the Internet talking. In fact, she’s pretty much broken the Internet after the latest episode… where she debuts her unique way of saying “microwave.”

But it’s not her English accent that makes the pronunciation special. She’s given your everyday microwave a whole new flair by dragging out the syllables to make it sound foreign, pronouncing it[[mee-krow-wah-vay]].The Twitterverse can’t get enough, calling it “truly iconic.”

Of course, there were a few confused viewers who wondered if Nigella actually knows how to pronounce the word “microwave.” The answer is: of course, “mee-krow-wah-vay” was just a joke.Check out the tweets below… and a clip to the right.


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