Twitter Can’t Stop Talking About This Greek Salad And Sugar Cookie Mashup

We have certainly heard about some strange food combinations over the years, but a Wisconsin man has come up with a real doozy. It’s called the “King’s Hand” and is a hand-shaped cookie concoction embedded with colorful M&Msand filled with….a Greek salad!

‘Arseny’ says the idea came to him in a dream and that the whole thing “started as a joke a week ago.” His friends begged him not to make it, but he says “naturally that just made me want to try it more.” Here’s the basic recipe:

  • Make a mold of a hand using food grade silicon putty safe up to 400-degrees
  • Fill the mold with cookie dough, bake the cookie, freeze it to unmold
  • Fill it with Greek salad

Now, you can just make a giant sugar cookie and put a Greek salad on it, too...but Arseny just going with the Internet flow – and so far, he’s gotten more than 166-thousand likes as well we 22-thousand retweets. If you want to try it his way,CLICK HEREto see his step-by-step.


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