*LIST* Gift Giving Etiquette For 2020

It’s no surprise that among the changes this year is the way we look at gift giving. People on our list may have lost a job, been ill or lost a family member to COVID, or are struggling to keep a business afloat.

While gift giving is thoughtful, it may give others stress. That’s where Elaine Swann, founder of the Swann School of Protocol comes in. The etiquette expert is giving us a list of things to keep in mind before shopping for holiday presents.

  • Be “frank and honest” with family and friends if you don’t want to give or get gifts. Make it positive
  • If you plan on buying, make a budget and go for one big meaningful gift instead of many small ones. Have a group go in on it
  • Think about a Secret Santa with a spending limit
  • Make a theme for gift giving
  • Gift cards can be more meaningful if they are for a small local business
  • Money, as a gift, is perfectly fine and may be helpful
  • If someone insists on getting you something despite your wishes, give them a gift card or small gift idea
  • Accept it graciously

Source:Good Morning America

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