Smelling Coffee Can Help Check for COVID Symptoms

By now you know one of the major symptoms of COVID-19 is a loss of taste or smell. Now, thanks to your morning cup of Joe experts say you may be able to check your symptoms just by preparing your morning cup of coffee. 

James Schwob, a professor at Tufts University, says one way to determine if you have COVID-19 is to smell your ground coffee before preparing it in the morning to determine if you've lost your sense of smell. 

Over at Penn State, professors say besides coffee you can take a whiff of flowers, spices, and other aromas as a means to make a quick check. 

As a reminder don't leave it up to just smelling fragrances. Remember to stay home if you're not feeling well, practice social distancing, sanitize and wash your hands, and wear a face mask for protection. 

SOURCE: Delish

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