Most Americans Feel Physically Older Than Their Age

They say you are only as old as you feel, and according to a new survey, that means a lot of us are pretty old. 

A poll of 25 to 45-year-olds finds:

  • 64% of folks say they feel physically older than their actual age.
  • 63% say they feel older than they expected they would at their current age.
  • On a positive note, 73% feel mentally younger than they actually are.
  • When it comes to their physical age, 40% say they suffer from unidentifiable aches and pains with the average person dealing with seven of them.
  • The most common places folks feel these aches and pains include:
    • Neck (54%)
    • Joints (51%)
    • Back (50%)
    • Head (40%)
    • Legs (38%)
  • Overall, 55% of people agree with the statement “youth is wasted on the young.”
  • As for what is causing folks to age prematurely
  • Many say work, but it’s not necessarily because of stress and anxiety.
  • Instead, 33% blamed it on their workstation ergonomics.
  • And moms and dads certainly start feeling older earlier, with 34% of folks saying parenting as aged them.

Source:SWNS Digital

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