Study: Just 11 Minutes Of Activity A Day Can Help You Live Longer

There’s no doubt activity levels took a big hit in 2020. Between all the Zoom meetings, Netflix binges and virtual happy hours we did last year, many of us were sitting more than ever. And we’ve all heard about the studies warning about thehealth risksof prolonged sitting. But new research brings us good news. Even with all that sedentary time, as little as 11 minutes of movement a day can increase your lifespan, according to arecent study.

That sounds a lot more doable than the daily exercise target of 60 to 75 minutes that a popularstudyfrom 2016 found we needed for mortality benefits. And it turns out, that study was based on self-reported data, which was found to be flawed because people misremembered their actual activity levels. So in this study, researchers at the Norwegian School of Sports Medicine used activity trackers to monitor exercise and sedentary time.

While the folks who exercised 35 minutes a day saw the biggest difference in life span, those who got in 11 minutes of moderate activity - like a brisk walk - still saw a positive impact. And even better? Regardless of the amount of sitting participants did, both time frames still help you live longer.


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