How To Make The Perfect Coffee At Home

If you are missing your favorite coffee shop brew and want to recreate a great cup of Joe at home, there are a few things that you need to do to pull if off. Here are some tips that will allow you to get a quality cup made in your own kitchen.

  • Grind the beans– the type of brewer that you use is less important than using a coffee grinder. Ground coffee goes stale quickly so invest in an entry level burr grinder.BaratzaandWilfaare good brands. After grinding or buying ground coffee don’t store it in your fridge, just put it somewhere dark, dry and airtight.
  • Don’t rush to plunge that cafetiere– a cafetiere (French press) is a great device for a great cup. Weigh your coffee (15g to 8 ½ oz. of water), use boiling water, steep for four minutes, scoop off the slurry and plunge so it rests on the coffee surface. Leave for another five minutes or so so the silt sinks to the bottom and pour – there’s no need for any additional plunging.
  • The best way to percolate– a stove-top percolator makes a stronger coffee but it can have a bitter taste. Fill the bottom with just-boiled water and as soon as it starts to gurgle, run the base under a cold tap to stop the steaming process for a better tasting cup.
  • Froth your milk– froth your own heated milk for the best results. Aim to keep the milk below 160 degrees—that’s the temperature that milk starts to ‘cook’ and smell a little ‘eggy.’ You can do it with a pan on the stove or a microwave. Froth the milk in a small French press and plunge it a few times.

The final step is to pour your coffee. Following these directions will make you think you are at your favorite commercial coffee shop!

Source:The Guardian

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