KOB-TV: Restaurants Change Business Approach By Launching 'Ghost Kitchens'


With indoor dining halted across most of the state, many people have turned to food delivery services to help out local businesses—but how many dollars are actually staying local?

To find out, KOB 4 placed an order through Door Dash Delivery for Pasqually’s Wings and Pizza. According to the app, the restaurant is a concept by CEC Entertainment, which the average person would know as Chuck E. Cheese. 

Pasqually’s is what’s referred to as a “ghost kitchen”—a separate entity making and serving food out of the kitchen of an existing restaurant. 

The Door Dash driver who delivered the pizza said she thinks most people don’t know that they’re actually ordering from a Chuck E. Cheese masquerading as another restaurant. 

Other large chain restaurants also operate their own ghost kitchens. It’s Just Wings is really Chili’s Grill & Bar. Food delivery drivers that pull up to Bucca di Beppo Italian Restaurant will see a sign showing they could be picking up orders for Wing Squad, Mr. Beast Burger, Tyga Bites, or others.  

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