Americans Skipping Resolutions For “Micro Goals”

Each January a lot of us make health-related New Year’s resolutions and it’s no secret that most people give up on them pretty quickly. One reason folks may throw in the towel is that their resolution seems too unachievable, which may be why a lot of folks have opted to set more realistic health goals this year.

A new survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf ofFreshlyFit, finds:

  • 60% of Americans say they have never kept a health-related New Year’s resolution.
  • This year more than half of those polled say they are skipping resolutions that are specifically health-related.
  • Instead, 67% are making multiple, more-achievable “micro goals.”
  • Rather than one big goal, the average person will make about 12 micro-goals.
  • Among the top micro goals people are making:
    • Eating less takeout / fast food (38%)
    • Maintaining your weight (38%)
    • Eating more nutritious lunches (35%)
    • Drinking more water (34%)
    • Taking vitamins (32%)
    • Getting outside more often (28%)
    • Doing a five-minute meditation each day (28%)
    • Prepping some meals in advance (25%)
    • Substituting healthier ingredients in favorite foods (24%)
    • Walking or biking around town instead of driving (18%)

As for why folks are focusing on micro goals:

  • 32% say it’s because they are more achievable on a day-to-day basis.
  • 29% believe they are more achievable over the long run.

Source:SWNS Digital

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