This Is The Most Popular Takeout Food In The World

A lot of us have been relying on take out and delivery to get us through quarantine, and while we all have our favorite types of food to order, it seems around the world one dish reigns supreme in popularity – Pizza. 

  • A new report by British Insurance company Money Beach analyzed Google search data in 109 countries to determine the most popular takeaway dish worldwide.
  • Pizza was by far the top choice, and was the most popular takeaway item in 44 countries, including Italy, of course, along with Barbados, Argentina, India and more.
  • Chinese comes in second, and was the top choice in 29 countries, including the United States, the UK, and, well, China.

The Top Ten Takeaway Foods In The World

  1. Pizza (44)
  2. Chinese (29)
  3. Sushi (10)
  4. Fish and Chips (6)
  5. Fried Chicken (5)
  6. Indian (4)
  7. Korean (3)
  8. Thai (2)
  9. Tapas (1)
  10. Tacos (1)

Source:Money Beach

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