Bday Candle Hack Keeps Germs From Getting On Cake

COVID has canceled all kinds of things and blowing out birthday candles on a shared cake is one of them. Why did it take a pandemic for us to realize that this tradition can not only potentially spray spit on cake other people are about to eat, but it can spread germs, too? Now that we’re hyper-aware this practice isn’t sanitary, someone has shared a creative hack for birthday gals and guys who still want to blow out the candles on their cake.

TikToker@krystal_rochelle_posted the candle alternative and it involves sticking them to the clear plastic cover that comes on a store-bought cake. To get them to stick, just melt a little wax onto the cover first, then use it to secure the candle in place. The cover will protect the cake inside from stray spit and germs when the birthday person blows the candles out and they still get to enjoy the tradition, so it’s a win-win.

If you’re having a homemade cake, it won’t come with a clear cover, but you could find something to use in its place. You could also skip melting the wax and use glue to stick the candles to the cover. Some commenters on TikTok also suggest using a hair dryer to put out the flames or using a plate to fan them out. Other germ-free options include serving cupcakes and only putting candles on the one for the birthday person and the same would work for single cake slices, too.


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