Most Americans Consider Themselves Flexitarians

While some people may think there’s nothing better to eat than a good steak or hamburger, a new poll finds a lot of people are becoming more open minded about giving up the beef, at least on occasion. 

A new poll, commissioned bySproutsFarmers Market and conducted by One Poll finds:

  • 50% of Americans say they eat more plant-based meals than meat.
  • 47% of Americans consider themselves flexitarians, meaning their normally meatless diet does include the occasional meat or fish.
  • 54% of those 24 to 39 years old consider themselves flexitarian.
  • 43% of people say being flexitarian is a permanent lifestyle change.
  • But while the flexitarian diet is gaining in popularity, 36% of people really don’t know what it means, even is they consider themselves one.

Prescribing to a flexitarian diet means folks will have to embrace more plant-based meat alternatives, and it seems lots of folks are open to the idea.

  • In fact, 63% of people say they’d be willing to make a plant-based swap on certain conditions, including:
    • The item tasking the same (68%)
    • Costing the same (63%)
    • Having the same texture (63%)
    • Because it’s more ethical (63%)
    • Having the same nutritional value (60%)
    • If they were easier to find in the grocery store (59%)

Source:SWNS Digital

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