Americans Finding Comfort Watching Movies

Let’s face it, getting through 2020 was hard, and it doesn’t look like 2021 is going to get any easier. Many folks found different ways to cope with the stress of the pandemic, and apparently a lot of people turned to movies for help.

A new survey, Commissioned by thePopcorn Boardin celebration of National Popcorn Day and conducted by OnePoll, finds:

  • 60% of people say they turned into a “total film buff” last year because they were staying home more because of the pandemic.
  • 60% of people also say they watched more films last year than any other year of their life.
  • And they aren’t about to stop now, with 30% of people saying they expect to watch even more movies in 2021.
  • The average person expects to watch a total of 196 movies in 2021.
  • One reason for all this movie watching is that folks are enjoying “virtual movie nights,” catching a film while video chatting with friends and family.
  • The average person hosted eight of these movie nights this winter.

Now this poll was conducted in connection with National Popcorn Day, which was yesterday, and not surprising, the survey finds that popcorn is the top essential for a great movie night, with 51% of people saying it’s a must.

  • Other must-haves for movie night include:
    • Cozy blankets (46%)
    • Chocolate (37%)
    • Hot cocoa (34%)
    • Lots of pillows (30%)
  • And when it comes to popcorn, the survey notes that how you like to eat your popcorn may indicate what types of movies you like.
  • While both salty and sweet popcorn lovers love action movies the most (19% and 22%), beyond that their tastes differ.
  • After action, salty popcorn fans prefer:
    • Comedy (15%)
    • Drama (14%)
    • Horror (12%)
    • Romantic comedy (10S%)
  • While sweet popcorn lovers enjoy:
    • Romantic comedy (12%)
    • Horror (10%)
    • Comedy (10%)
    • Science Fiction (8%)

Source:SWNS Digital

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