Man Known As "Papa" Makes Beautiful Quilts For People In Need

About five years ago, 80-year-old Brent Rushton turned his woodworking shop into an area he uses for making quilts -- that he gives to those in need.

Brent -- who’s affectionately known as “Papa” -- has given his handmade quilts to people in shelters, as well as veterans. He’s even sold them to raise money for charity.

His latest batch is going to refugees because, as Brent explains, “Most of them come in with no belongings, except the clothes that's on them.”

Over the years, Brent believes he’s created between 200 and 300 quilts -- and admits that he used to spend 12 hours a day working on them. These days, he’s only working six hours a day. This is, of course, great for those who receive his gifts. But, it also helps him because -- as he says -- “I'd go nuts if I didn't have something to do.”

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