Pizza Delivery Man Gets New Car As A Tip

Robert Peters of Tipton, Indiana, has been delivering pizza for 31 years.

Through rain, wind, and snow, Robert has been making people happy with those deliveries in an old 1993 Oldsmobile … until now.

One of his regular customers -- Taylor Langley -- realized how hard Robert was working and how good he was at his job, so he started a campaign to help out and get Robert a new car.

The campaign was a huge success.

In just two days, the people of Tipton donated enough for a shiny, red Chevy Malibu, including insurance and gas money -- a gift worth $19,000.

Upon receiving the car, Robert said he “couldn’t believe it” and described the feeling as “surreal.”

And, Robert’s work isn’t done. Not even close. He’ll keep rolling and delivering pizzas because his purpose in life is to make people happy, knowing that his face might be the only face they see all day. (CBS News)

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