Face Mask Etiquette You Should Know

We’ve been wearing face masks for a while, but do we know all the etiquette?

Apparently not according to experts. When we breathe, talk, or sing, droplets come out of our mouths. That’s what could contain the coronavirus. That’s why “Bustle” is breaking down the things to know about the “how’s” of wearing masks.

  • Yes, you should sneeze into your mask. Gross, yes, but have tissues handy too
  • Keep your mask on while talking
  • If you are in a crowded outside area, wear your mask
  • Scarfs don’t replace masks and neither do gaiters or bandanas
  • Carry multiple masks with you just in case
  • Sanitize your hands during a mask change
  • Don’t reuse single use masks
  • Wash masks often


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