Service Industry Workers Reveal How They Get Back At Rude Customers

It’s no secret that working in the service industry can be a thankless job, since folks are often forced to deal with downright rude customers. But it seems a lot of people in the industry don’t necessarily sit back and take it from those customers, and now some folks are spilling the beans. 

A TikTok user recently asked folks on the platform “What's something you've done to a customer after they've been rude to you?” and service industry workers were more than happy to share the sneaky ways they took their revenge on those terrible customers.

Ways folks got back at rude customers include:

  • "As a server, sometimes when rude customers ask for butter, I give them cold butter, even though I have room temperature butter, because I know the cold butter will rip up their bread."
  • "I under-blend their smoothies, so the little chunks block their straws."
  • "As a deli worker, when a customer is being a Karen, I'll squish the cheese together after I slice it, so it's impossible to separate later."
  • "As a barista, I give them decaf espresso shots."
  • "I work in a hotel. Late arrival guests didn't tip when I helped them with their luggage, so I phoned them in the middle of the night."
  • "I work at a grocery store. When rude customers don't wear a mask, I will spray fart spray in the aisle."
  • “As a flight attendant, for rude customers, I book their airplane seat on a 10-hour flight next to the bathroom."
  • "I used to double charge them, so they had to go wait in the customer service line to get a refund."
  • "Shout out to all the servers. For rude customers, we crop dust — especially if it's busy and loud and the music's going and they definitely won't hear you. We crop dust." 


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