Help Reduce Loneliness For Seniors This Valentines Day

Coronavirus has affected everyone, especially doctors and nurses on the front lines. But, it’s also had a big impact on older adults -- who might be in nursing homes and assisted living centers.

Because of the health risks, everyone is doing their best to stay away -- which has led to a lot of social isolation and loneliness among older adults. That’s where the Cupid Crew has been stepping up.

This charity group is out there, trying to get others to write and send cards to older adults -- just in time for Valentine’s Day. The group is national and is working with the Girl Scouts of the USA, as well as AARP -- the American Association of Retired Persons -- to deliver simple messages that will mean so much during these challenging times.

Normally, there’d be a crew going door-to-door on Valentine’s Day, delivering tens of thousands of roses to older adults living alone. But this year, they can't. No worries.

They’re still out there, rallying the troops to do everything they can to make a senior citizen feel special, one card -- and one safe delivery -- at a time.

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