Road Trip With Teacher

Cathy Cluck teaches high school history in Austin, Texas.

Like most teachers in America, coronavirus has changed the way she taught her students and approached her job.

When she had to shift to virtual learning, Cathy tried to figure out a way to make the most of it -- and had a huge breakthrough.

Instead of teaching American history virtually from a classroom or her home office, Cathy went on a road trip -- and was able to teach her high school students from actual historical sites.

At each site -- from Virginia to Washington, D.C., to Gettysburg and beyond -- she set up a lightweight, foldable desk and conducted her classes.

Cathy says she hopes her historic travels inspired some of her students to hop in their cars and go on a road trip, certainly looking for fun and adventure, but also to really get a front-row seat to history like she did.

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