Americans Will Do Just About Anything For Their Dogs

Saturday is National Love Your Pet Day, and based on a new survey, there’s no doubt that most Americans love their pets so much they’ll do just about anything for them. 

The poll, conducted by JustFoodForDogs, finds:

  • 72% of dog owners say they would have no issue putting themselves in harms way if it meant saving their pet from harm.
  • 78% say they’d do so because they consider their dog a member of the family.
  • Some pet owners love their animals so much that of the 79% of people polled who are in a relationship, 53% admit they kiss their dog more than their partner.
  • 61% say they prefer their dog to some people they know.
  • Overall, 70% of dog owners say they’ve been accused of spoiling their pet, but that doesn’t really bother them.
  • Some of the ways respondents spoil their dogs include:
    • Let them sleep in bed with owner (49%)
    • Get up on the couch (46%)
    • Make them their own dinner with human food (46%)
    • Let them sit on owner’s lap (44%)
    • Let them into the bathroom while owner uses toilet or showers (34%)
    • Purchased custom decorations that look like their dog (31%)
    • Made Christmas/holiday cards that feature the dog (28%)
    • Let them take up more room on the bed/couch than owner (26%)
    • Share water with the dog (13%)

Source:SWNS Digital

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