Folks On TikTok Share Lies Parents Told Them

It’s no secret that parents lie to their children, but while most are little white lies, some moms and dads get truly outrageous with their fibs, and now kids are sharing.

A new TikTok thread had users sharing the biggest lies their parents ever told them, and some were pretty creative. 

  • User @missladygleep explained just how creative her parents got when her cat died. When she noticed the cat missing, she says her mom told her, “all she ever wanted was to become an actress,” so she moved to Hollywood to be in movies. And she actually believed her since about a year later there was a feline in the movie “Cats & Dogs,” which just looked just like her pet. She noted, “I’d like to still believe this is true anyways.” 
  • Then there was user Andrew Lafferty whose parents convinced him that Hogwarts, the wizarding school in "Harry Potter," really existed. They even went so far as to send him an acceptance letter on his 11thbirthday, and they started buying "wizarding" supplies. They eventually admitted months later that the whole thing was made up to support his love of “Harry Potter.”Check out the videos to the right. NOTE CONTENT

Source:In The Know

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